Today's society requires companies that impact individuals and communities in a positive and responsible way.

My idea of what a brand should be

My motto has always been "Creating human brands for sustainable societies".

As brands are made by humans I don't see any difference between a personal brand and a corporate brand. They should all be personal, with good values, strong hearts and boiling creativity. All brands, no matter the bread, market or niche should act the same way, a warm and helpful player in our societies. Just like all humans should do too.

It all started when personal brands was buzzing on everybody's tongue. I remember how studios started to specialize on Personal Brands and I was thinking to myself, what’s the difference between a corporate brand and personal brands? Shouldn't they be the same? After all, brands are made by people. People with visions, ideas they want to give birth to, solutions to problems and challenges. This are all based on one human need. The need of extending ourselves and realizing ones potential.

I think it's time to change and redefine the business world and how we view and interact with brands. As businesses and brands have one of the biggest impacts on our world, culturally, educationally and commercially they should also take a bigger responsibility of what and how they affect our world. 

This is one of the reasons why I DON'T work with UX (User Experience) but instead with HX (Human Experience). Why I DON'T work B2B or B2C. I work B2C2C (Business to Communities to Costumer). Broaden your view! We are not only brands or only businesses or only people, we are a bit of everything, puzzles in a bigger system.

A relational space rather than role based

The relationship between business and consumers has changed dramatically in the past decades. With an expanding commercial world and more choices than ever, the relationship between business and consumer has become increasingly more important. As a result, the bigger chains/industries have been encountered with numerous game changers who often starts with a small and simple idea. A lot of smaller social movements are also moving up-worth and creating disruptive innovations, services and products who challenges the way we use and interact with things.

Why? Because people aren’t zombies!
They have the knowledge and power to create their own future, with their own rules adapted to their lives, and not a corporates perceptions of costumer needs.

Ask yourself, if you died today, what would you like people to remember of you. What’s your mark here in this world? If you’re not worth remembering, then your products and services probably aren’t really worth buying either.

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